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Hello ~~
I'm Sonia, but you can call me Son (like zone), i live in CA. I have a big soft spot for music, i love all type of music really ..also, I am amazed by most movies. I have a girl boner for Tom Hiddleston, Johnny Depp. I love funny, random,weird things that can make me laugh, so i reblog alot of that. Lots of love to you ♥

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i wanna cry/vomit/punch somone….but still be loved/happy

life, why? why me?

So many responsibilities that I just lay in bed instead

I can do this :) !

So let’s do this

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I advise you to stop sharing your dreams with people who try to hold you back, even if they’re your parents. Because, if you’re the kind of person who senses there’s something out there for you beyond whatever it is you’re expected to do - if you want to be EXTRA-ordinary - you will not get there by hanging around a bunch of people who tell you you’re not extraordinary. Instead, you will probably become as ordinary as they expect you to be.
spring:black clothes
summer:black clothes
autumn:black clothes
winter:black clothes

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Nothing will ruin your 20’s more than thinking you should have your life together already.


this is the most important scene in cinematic history

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